by Pet_Food

Maryam Naseem, born in 1999, started writing when she was 16. She started with writing articles about life and her experience of life. Since 2015, she has been writing articles, blogs, short stories, biographies and research articles. She has a firm and fine grip over transcribing audios. She is fond of fictional writing, and the impact is vivid in her writings. She started her journey by writing short stories for “Of Heroines and Mermaids” with her own name and with a pen name.

Her aim of writing is to bring tranquility in the world by changing people’s point of view of the world. She believes in helping others without thinking about the upshot. She aims to use her writing as a communicating source between two or more different mediums so that different people get to know each other better. She has a goal to bring peace and warmth in the world.

Genres: Fictional, non-fictional, academic article, essays, novels, biography, children fiction.